[ mirayama: wonderful twin ]

MIRAYAMA is a London-based conscious luxury couture brand and a testament to the artistry of traditional Indian craftsmanship. Our unique garments and fine jewellery are handcrafted by Indian masters of the art, some taking several hundred hours to create.

With a piece of MIRAYAMA, you are encouraged to shape your own reality and turn it into a dreamlike world. We welcome you to ignite your Wonderful Twin through our exceptional designs.

We advocate gender fluidity, inclusivity, and trans-seasonality in fashion. Our creations are available as one size fits all, have a timeless appeal, and are characterised by fluid shapes. The spirit of MIRAYAMA is best described by the appetence for Boho-chic, Mysticism and Opulence. 

MIRAYAMA’s garment collection ranges from couture to everyday fashion. Our fine jewellery line features true collector’s items exclusively using 18k gold and exquisite, natural diamonds with exceptional clarity and brilliance. 

Born in Germany and based in London, Mira’s background is in fashion and online commerce which she has gained at the likes of Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Amazon.

Mira draws inspiration from secular festivities and ceremonial happenings around the world, where individuals push the boundaries of their imagination. It was through many years of exposure, that she discovered her longing to create. By combining this with her lifelong admiration for India and spiritual connection to its culture, Mira founded her brand MIRAYAMA.

The brand embodies the abiding ambition to contribute to making the world a more expressive and accepting place, while celebrating the excellence of traditional Indian craftsmanship and longevity of finest fabrics, thus returning luxury to its original meaning.

In the creation of her first collection “Escapism”, she was guided by her fascination with capes and the desire to escapethe default roles and expectations of mundane society. In her own words: “The word “cape” derives from the Latin ex cappa, meaning “to escape”. A cape may seem like a rather simple, sleeveless garment, but the near magical power and liberation when you wear it, is undeniable. Another reason why I chose the cape as the centrepiece of my first collection is because it has the unique ability to combine all three themes I look for in my designs: opulence, bohemian effortlessness, and a touch of mysticism."

Mira lives with her partner David and their dog Lottie in Queens Park, London.