The Atelier

Our designs can take several hundred hours to create and require a superior eye for detail as well as the finest embroidery skills, a craft that Indian artisans are masters of. We take great pride in collaborating with our renowned Indian partner atelier and goldsmith.

Shared language between art and craft

At MIRAYAMA, we strive to combine the finest fabrics and materials with impeccable craftsmanship to give our designs an unparalleled embellishment.

Meeting our aspirations requires a superior eye for detail and intricate embroidery — a craft that Indian artisans are known to be masters of.

Over the decades, couture standards, artistic sensibilities, and craftsmanship have been honed at our partner atelier in India. We are grateful to our Indian partners for sharing with us their immense talent and knowledge. In turn, we hope to create awareness for the magic of Indian craftsmanship and artisanal excellence of independent ateliers.

Designs that make you dream

Each of our garments is a work of art and handmade in our partnered atelier. This includes the dyeing processes of all our fabrics. Luxury is taken back to its origin here: Craftsmanship and durability. In doing so, we reject dependence on fast-moving trends. Our design and production processes are very time-consuming and try to take social and ecological aspects into account. We work with the finest materials to achieve the highest possible quality.

We use beads, pearls, sequins, and spangles in our creations, and vary materials, patterns and techniques across our collections. Our embroideries tell stories and are meant to inspire you to dream.

Mira May believes that exceptional diamonds are the foundation for an extraordinary piece of jewellery. That's why MIRAYAMA mostly uses the most exquisite, natural diamonds (VVS / E-F). Our commitment to excellence is evident in every one of our diamond pieces, which are personally designed by Mira May using 18k Gold. Every piece is hand-crafted and therefore truly unique.

We are lucky to be trusted partners of a well-established goldsmith atelier in India which brings to life Mira May's creative desgins. For repairs or alterations, we collaborate with a local workshop in Hatton Garden, London.

We take pride in knowing that our diamonds are ethically sourced and certified. We solely use high quality natural diamonds from reputable mines that adhere to strict environmental and social standards. Every piece of jewellery that we sell is certified for quality and authenticity by leading independent laboratories, ensuring that you can wear your MIRAYAMA jewellery with confidence, knowing that it has been rigorously tested and verified.